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Independent Financial Advicer

We are a firm of chartered financial planners who deliver personal financial plans and lifetime cash flow models for over 200 families from our head office in Berkshire, UK. We are experiencing a sustained period of growth and expect this to continue for some time.

We would like to attribute our growth to our excellence and professionalism, but in reality, success has come to us when we chose to listen to our clients. Simple, right? Listen to your clients/customers and build solutions that they want as opposed to what we think they want. We approached Quizualize to help us automate the ‘Feedback’ process and give us the quality MI that would sustain a client based proposition built on listening.

What We Needed

The key to our growth is driven by a dedication to putting the client first, and at every step of the process taking the time to take on feedback. As we continue to grow we recognise the need for a ‘Tech’ solution to engrain the feedback loop in an automated fashion within all of our customer engagements.

For some time, we have issued client newsletters through a mailing platform and were able to see which articles were of interest by collecting the MI. This showed us the power of instant feedback and accordingly we started working with Quizualize to build a bespoke engagement processes for our client servicing proposition. We needed to develop a set of tools that would complement our ‘Small enough to care’ client feel with the scalability and reliability required of a modern business.

How We Use Quizualize

The Quizualize platform offers the ability to create branded client engagements ‘Touch-Points’ and to collect MI along the way. We use the platform to reinforce our key messages and at the same time collect feedback to help us tailor the ongoing service model.

Our annual review process is triggered through a series of bespoke questionnaires built within the platform, so we attend reviews fully prepared with engaged clients. After client interactions and communication exchanges we collect the ‘Magic-Question’ so we can monitor our Net Promoter Score.

When we engage with clients or amend our service proposition we are collecting instant feedback via the Quizualize platform, re-enforcing the narrative of ‘we listen’ and providing invaluable feedback so we can build a service model that the clients want, and not one we thought they might like.

Annual Review Survey

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