The Woww! Test

The Woww! Test

Welcome To The CONNECType Test! To all In 'Hubletshire!'. From me Kevin M Thomson The Dynamic Dyslexic.

This is a very big HELLO! to WayFinders & WayFarers in the FlexicareUK Culture & Climate Change Programme from Jeanette, Sally, myself, in the about to be launched, new CPIC - CONNECTing People In Communities.

I'm The Loose Cannon in the CONNECType Test - or simply a 'Yellow Squiggle'. I'm also a Myers Briggs Qualified 'ENTP' for those included in those millions of people across the globe who understand the Jung/Briggs language!

It was combining Colour Psychology + Design Psychology +Jung/Briggs Personality Type together with the nef/ UK Government/ NHS Confederation research on 'The 5 Ways to Wellbeing' which inspired me to spend my life helping people to CONNECT not just to communicate. How? With tools, training and apps like this one! I call it CONNECTicating - the No1. Way to being a Well-Being.

Welcome to the new 60 Second CONNECType Test - The MSCTi - Multi-SENsory Communication Type indicator. Or I call it the Squiggles & Boxes Quick Quick Quiz! Yet this is so much more than a 'personality test' and even a 'communication style quiz'.

Why? My life's work BIG AHA! came when I realised through the nef 5 Ways To Wellbeing that to CONNECT is the No.1 Way to Wellbeing.

How we CONNECT. Who we CONNECT with. The Way we CONNECT when people are 'At their best' or even 'At their worst' under stress, pain, suffering and emotional or physical upset puts them into dys-CONNECT. That's what the MSCTi helps you to learn. Its a 5 Ways to Wellbeing tool for you and all you CONNECT with.

A bit of background - as author of the MSCTi it was created in my books 'The Company Culture Cookbook' & 'Passion At Work' and now I've re-imagined it, in a world aware of the power of good relationships in the global health, apps and businesses focused on 'Wellbeing'.

We also know from the Harvard longest every research study on Happiness that good relationships - not money or fame - create what we call Well-Beings.

Please ENJOY using The SENsational 60 Second - 5x5 Ways To CONNECType Test! The World's First, Fastest and most Fun Multi-SENsory 60 Second Quick Quick Quiz. A Quick Quick Quiz for EVERY Age & Ability with an extra focus on SEN-D Special Educational Needs Difficulties & Disabilities (like mine!) revealing the first of our 5 Ways To Wellbeing - CONNECT to all who you CONNECT with.

Make it FUN. Don't take it too seriously but do know it's what we say is 'Serious Fun!' to talk, to chat, to compare, to be surprised but mainly to CONNECT.

My Kindest Regards