The Money Mentor Club -

Financial Wellbeing Training

The Money Mentor Club, MMC, is an engagement business, where our mission is to engage everyone in the process of lifelong learning and planning of their personal finances. The financial services industry is typically very ‘exclusive’ with whom it assists in the planning process as the fees dictate as much. This means the average person is left to their own devices. MMC fill this gap through delivering lively and engaging financial wellbeing training in the workplace.

Our work based programs and training install belief that everyone can, and should, engage in the process of planning their finances to increase confidence, provide long term security for their families and improve levels of personal wellbeing.

What We Needed

We needed a ‘Tech’ solution to deliver elements before, during and after our training modules to cement the engagement process. We needed ‘Novel’ ways of creating the engagement process and putting the ‘Fun-In’ to finances, which required tapping into the ‘Gamification’ zeitgeist.

By being able to deliver financial engagement in fun ways, we can start the journey of cultivating lifelong mentoring based relationships. Quizualize is the platform we needed to achieve this.

How We Use Quizualize

In short, we use the Quizualize tools at every step of the engagement process. At program inception to run ‘Net Engagement in Finance’ research to identify needs, and during training to help individuals understand the role of behavioural science when it comes to planning their finances.

After training we will maintain life-long relationships by building bespoke Quizuals into our learning portal and testing platform.

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